v2.3.6May 9, 2023

🎮 New Games Page and Search Features

This week we're back with some more UI improvements and changes! The games page needed a bit of retouching and reworking, so that's what we've done! Searching is now much easier and more intuitive for the user.

Searchbar Screenshot

A search page has now been added to help provide an easy way to find the game you're looking for.

Games Page Screenshot

With these changes, searching for a game to play should be an easier and smoother experience! You can read below for more of the specifics.

✨ New

  • Navbar design
    • Added the missing functionality for logging in and accessing settings on mobile
    • Added a search bar in the navbar that allows for searching sitewide.
  • Search page
    • Will feature games that match your search query, along with any tags as well.
      • Examples of tags include "Shooting", "Flash", etc.
    • If your search query matches a tag, it will automatically display the games that have the tag.
    • If there are no results that match your search query, you'll see a bunch of other games that you could play instead.

💡 Improvements

  • Navbar padding
    • Reduced the overall size to lessen its footprint on the whole site layout

🗑️ Removed

  • Game page animations
    • Removed animations from individual game thumbnails for an overall better user performance, especially on low-end devices.
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